Friday, June 11, 2010

New Dell

So Mark and I have one desktop and one laptop. The laptop being my main source of internet since technology hates me and therefore his computer likes me only sometimes.

I work from home and that means I need a desktop. With a phone and a TV. Well, lets just say that when I’m working on his desktop, he has no source of internet because he HATES laptops. Will not use one unless it’s the only option.

So we decided a new desktop was in order. Enter my new baby!

A Dell. With Windows 7…kind of looks like a Mac, but it’s a Dell.

So now I’m set up in the kitchen, on the little desk. And for now, I’ll still have to work from Mark’s computer because that’s where the TV and phone are but at least he’ll have another way to access his Facebook!

Dinner is almost done, so I must get going.

House update: Submitted an offer last night, now just waiting to hear back…and yes…that’s on my dream house from my last post!