Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Things…

This week a few new things have popped up around the house and I love them!

Yesterday, Brooklyn and I went to Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.

I learned while at Hobby Lobby that they have an 80% off section! Someone forgot to mention this to me and therefore, I was completely surprised and ended spending 20 minutes rummaging through all their goodies.

This is one of the things that I picked up and put back down a million times at Hobby Lobby. I finally told myself that if I didn’t get it now, someone else would. And it was only $3.75 so I couldn’t pass it up!


I love the cottage appeal it has!

Then on to TJ Maxx. Brooklyn and I spotted an old vintage fire truck for Mark and got that, but then I laid eyes on this lovely piece.


It seems like everyone has the milk pitchers floating around their homes these days and I was far behind and so for $2.00 I decided to join rank!

And the latest is this fern from Lowes. We needed a little greenery at the back of our yard, for some reason the grass hates to grow back there and simply refuses to, so for $10 we added some of our own!


I’m hoping we will hear something soon on our house. We have a showing tomorrow and a second showing from a very interested buyer on Sunday! Fingers crossed!