Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Refinishing…then hopefully Resale!

So lately, I’ve wanted to buy cheap/free furniture from Craigslist or even unwanted items from family and friends, and give it a much needed facelift and then release it back into the world.

I was able to get started on this desire.
Scouring Craigslist, looking for the best deal and the best way to spend my allotted $100, I stumbled across this beauty of a chair.
$10!!! Are you serious?! Okay, well I’ve never reupholstered more than a dining room chair, but I was willing to try on this beauty. So we picked her up and hauled her home.
This is her current state, I got fed up with the bajillion staples in just the bottom and back half, so I took a break.
My projected vision for her?
Something following this from WhiteBerry 
Then, I located a 3 piece table set for $40, normally that would be a little higher than what I’d like to spend, but for 3 pieces, that’s like $13 a piece, so I let it slide -
Furniture 004
Furniture 005
Furniture 006
I can’t wait to liven them up some and resale them!
Oh! And I almost forgot to show you my freebie!
This huge, heavy mirror. It has a small gouge in it but nothing a little sanding and putting can’t fix! I’m going to hang her up in the living room!
AND….I know…on Saturday, we are picking up these two coffee tables! One is for my personal use and the other one will be resold hopefully! Best part, I don’t have to paint the personal use one, it’s perfect!
Look at those legs! Gorgeous!
Okay well, enough about my furniture loves right now! What are you working on?

Monday, September 13, 2010

TV Shows

We watch a lot of TV around our house.

Brooklyn loves Oswald, Olivia, Max and Ruby, and there’s many more.

Mark and I have our shows we watch together and then we have a few that we watch alone.

Fall shows we have coming on now:


Gossip Girl





We just watched the finales for:







And sadly…one of our series was cancelled….


So hopefully we’ll find some new shows and enjoy the ones we already watch!