Saturday, November 13, 2010


Oh movies...we all love movies right?
I LOVE movies. I can watch movies all the time. Who needs cable?
Okay..maybe I do for my relentless TV Show Series watching lol

But really, I can watch a good movie many times. I have Time Traveler's Wife on DVR and I've already watched it 10 times and we've only lived in this house for 4 months! are my current favorites and some I want to see...

Went and saw this at the Drive-in and LOVED IT!! It was so cute and so true to life!!

Love and Other Drugs - want to see it!! It comes out the day before Thanksgiving!

Morning Glory is already out and it also looks cute! Who doesn't love Rachel McAdams?!

 And last but not least - Burlesque, gotta love some Cher...and's kinda funny that she doesn't look like she's aged a day!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another week…

Things have been so busy with my work at home job and my work at Chelsea’s home job lol.

Last Friday I got my hair done. Here’s the result - IMG00274-20101029-1118a

I love it!

It’s similar to the cut I had before but now it’s just has more shape to it! It’s fun though.

We had a great Halloween!


My little fairy!


Fairy and Iron Man




Well I’ve got a busy weekend ahead so I won’t be around much, and another busy week to follow so I might be taking a break!