Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wanna See…

It seems like there are more movies coming out again that I’m wanting to see…





bridesmaids poster


Maybe I’ll get to see them all soon! But these days…who has time?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream House

Okay…so over the past, oh I don’t know…24 years, I’ve had a lot of dream houses…but I really believe this beauty has topped the charts…well for now anyways…

Price: $565,000          1936

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms        3,741sqft

High ceilings, 3 fireplaces, hardwood floors, sitting area and bar/wine room, Stainless steel Viking appliances, built in fridge, wine fridge, absolute black granite countertops, and a walk in pantry. Master suite with vaulted beam ceilings, fireplace, custom walk in closet with private office.

I’m in heaven. Sit back and dream….





















Wasn’t that amazing? Yes…I do believe so…

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 28

Okay…that’s not entirely true…it’s day 28 of the whole diet/workout regimen BUT I haven’t worked out since Day 3….I’ve been so swamped with work and then I was sick with a really bad cough/cold for a week…so I’m just now getting back to working out, BUT…I have been watching what I eat and I’ve gone dancing three times which lemme tell you…kicks some serious calories!!

So January 7th, I went to the doctor I weighed 175lbs. Not something I really want to talk about…but it’s there…

But when I look back…I weighed 170lbs here -


It was probably less fat though since I hadn’t had Brooklyn yet.

Okay…so I got on the scale this morning….161lbs! Holy cow!! 14lbs?? Really?!?!

My goal is 30lbs by April 15th and 40lbs by summer time! I’m almost halfway there!!

So today…I was feeling really good and decided to go for a longer workout and branch out some.

30 mins elliptical, 20 reps of 30lbs on bench press, 20reps of 20lbs on the pull down bar, 20 reps of 20lbs on arm curls, 15mins on stationary bike and then finished it up with 20mins pedaling backwards on the elliptical.

Needless to say, I think I’m going to be crying in the morning Smile

So here are my updates…I’ll show you day 1 and today, the difference is so much more obvious there!


My thighs look a little thinner and I’m slimming down all over…it’s awesome!


My tummy is flatter!! On my way there!!

I’ll try to keep you updated but my schedule is about to get really busy so hopefully I can keep up!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 3

I have discovered it. Well...part of it. The reason people work out!
Several people have told me it relieves stress but of course, you never believe them until you figure it out for yourself!

This morning...not a good morning. Brooklyn threw the biggest tantrum and I was stressed and exhausted but being that I wasn't going to break my streak this week, I went to the gym anyways.

I cut my workout short because my knees have been bothering me but I kind of increased my workout at the same time.

Before, as you recall in this post, I was only doing 15 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill putting me at 45 minute workout. 
It's been altered. The treadmill, very scary, the fitness center here doesn't have the best equipment but it's free. But the treadmill is a little wobbly and not the safest of the lot, so I decided to stay off of it...for my own well being!


Elliptical 20 minutes (woohoo, increased by 5 minutes!)
Bike 10 minutes (sad, I decreased by 10 minutes but my knees were protesting bad today)

It was a very cold in frost on the car...and my knees don't like the cold!
But I took a progress picture...I can see the difference already! 

 I ordered a should be here in a week or so...then I can get my weight as accurate as possible...but I'm going to the doctor tomorrow so I'll have a good starting point!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1

So I decided to go ahead and blog about my resolution workout plan.
Mainly so I can keep up with it myself and maybe if I blog about it, I'll know I have to do it.

Not that I have that many followers...but hey...even 1 would keep me going!

So here's a before shot:
it's bad...I know. 

So I just got home from my first day of working out and let me just say that I HATE working out...I'm really hoping to find the joy in it one day...maybe when I start seeing results?

15 minutes on the elliptical
20 minutes (5miles) on the stationary bike
10 minutes on the treadmill at 2.0 incline going 3.0 speed (power walking)

It's not the full hour I wanted but 45minutes is a good start. My knees hurt and my calves are a little tender...but I think it's a good start.

Now...if I can stay on top of the water drinking and no bad snacking will be a really good start!

I'm not sure what my starting weight is since there wasn't a scale in the fitness center so I'm going to just say 170lbs. 
I'll get a scale this weekend and can be a little more accurate!

Go me!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Year of 2011


Oh…resolutions…do we ever keep them?


Most of the time we don’t anyways…I don’t think I ever have! EVER!

Well this year…hahaha…this year is going to be different!


This day…it usually starts it all…but with hopes that I’ll actually do this…mine is starting tomorrow…on the 4th!

That’s the way to do it…less pressure Winking smile actually no…it will be easier with Brooklyn going back to school to start on my resolutions.

Here’s the list:

1. No sodas…yep..that’s right…okay…maybe not 100% no sodas..I’m thinking 1 per week


I will be substituting my caffeine needs with coffee…..


but…only on the days I’m doing this…..

2. Lose 10lbs a month until my birthday in April….so that means working out….I’ve always hated it…and I’m hoping I’ll love the results so much that I won’t hate it so much


because you see…I wanna look like this


gotta love the reality of this!


That’s more like it…well I’ll never be that skinny but I’d LOVE to be as close as God will let me get!

3. Patience…be more patient with customers, clients, and most importantly Brooklyn…


4. Eat Healthier – this one is a serious hard one for me…I love snacks…doritos, cookies, cheese, bread, ice cream….but I’m going to seriously try to stop eating a good portion of that stuff…or at least cut back!


So those are mine…I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing! I might even go as far as keeping a running tab on my weight and measurements….we’ll see!