Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 28

Okay…that’s not entirely true…it’s day 28 of the whole diet/workout regimen BUT I haven’t worked out since Day 3….I’ve been so swamped with work and then I was sick with a really bad cough/cold for a week…so I’m just now getting back to working out, BUT…I have been watching what I eat and I’ve gone dancing three times which lemme tell you…kicks some serious calories!!

So January 7th, I went to the doctor I weighed 175lbs. Not something I really want to talk about…but it’s there…

But when I look back…I weighed 170lbs here -


It was probably less fat though since I hadn’t had Brooklyn yet.

Okay…so I got on the scale this morning….161lbs! Holy cow!! 14lbs?? Really?!?!

My goal is 30lbs by April 15th and 40lbs by summer time! I’m almost halfway there!!

So today…I was feeling really good and decided to go for a longer workout and branch out some.

30 mins elliptical, 20 reps of 30lbs on bench press, 20reps of 20lbs on the pull down bar, 20 reps of 20lbs on arm curls, 15mins on stationary bike and then finished it up with 20mins pedaling backwards on the elliptical.

Needless to say, I think I’m going to be crying in the morning Smile

So here are my updates…I’ll show you day 1 and today, the difference is so much more obvious there!


My thighs look a little thinner and I’m slimming down all over…it’s awesome!


My tummy is flatter!! On my way there!!

I’ll try to keep you updated but my schedule is about to get really busy so hopefully I can keep up!